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Do You Have VSC?

Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) is a serious health condition in many people that develops from the cumulative effects of physical, chemical and/or emotional stress. These stresses overload and “short circuit” the nerve system by causing the vertebrae (bones of the spine) to subluxate (misalign) interfering with the delicate nerves that exit the spine. These nerves are responsible for sending vital messages that control and coordinate every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.

Wouldn´t I feel it if I had VSC?

Not necessarily. In many cases VSC is not felt until the problem progresses and serious damage has already occurred.

What happens if VSC is not corrected?

If VSC is not corrected, spinal decay begins and becomes more severe. It will become permanent and more difficult to correct the longer VSC is neglected. The quality and length of your life will decline as this condition worsens.

How common is VSC?

Although a common problem, VSC is not normal. Most people get their first VSC during the birth process, even when the delivery is normal and only standard procedures are used. According to Abraham Towbin, M.D. from Harvard Medical School, “spinal cord and brainstem injuries often occur and frequently escape diagnosis.”

How is VSC treated?

Since VSC are misalignments of the spine affecting the nerves, the only way to correct them is to realign the spine through chiropractic adjustments. Consequently, if your condition/symptoms are caused or aggravated by VSC, the underlying cause (VSC) will need corrected for true healing to take place. There is no alternative.

Many people spend years covering up the resultant symptoms with drugs without ever knowing or fixing the cause. They need stronger and stronger medications as time goes on, to cover the worsening symptoms as the underlying condition progresses.

Should I be checked for VSC?

In many people, physical stress (poor posture, falls, sports, accidents, improper lifting, etc.), chemical stress (smoking, caffeine, medications, alcohol, food additives/supplements, etc.) and emotional stress (work, family, finances, loss of a loved one, etc.) may cause a serious, progressive health condition called Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC).

VSC Self Quiz

Your answers to the questions below can help determine if you should be checked for VSC by a Doctor of Chiropractic. Submit the form below and receive your special offer.

1. Have you experienced any physical, chemical and/or emotional stress in your life? Yes No
2. Are you interested in prevention and wellness? Yes No
3. Do you experience any pain/discomfort, during regular daily activities? Yes No
4. Do you have a lowered resistance to colds/flu´s or would like to get sick less often? Yes No
5. Do you take medications that give “temporary relief of symptoms”, but hasn’t fixed the problem? Yes No
6. Do you attribute these problems to just “getting older” or worry that in the future you won´t be able to do the things you enjoy most? Yes No
7. Have you been told to or are you tired of “living with it”? Yes No
8. Would you like to experience less stress and discomfort, take less medications, while increasing your energy, performance, immune function and quality of life? Yes No
9. Were you born? Yes No
10. Is it true that your doctor has never evaluated your spine and nerve system with a Subluxation Station? Yes No

If you or someone you care about answered “yes” to any of these questions, call us at 207.775.7468 for your check up to determine if you have VSC and if chiropractic can help!


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