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Medical Doctors on the Subject of Chiropractic

“Instead of thinking of chiropractic as an alternative, we should really consider it equivalent.”
-Paul Shekelle, M.D., Ph.D.

“I do not practice medicine any more. Chiropractic is a lot better. I can reach more cases and go more directly to the cause of disease by chiropractic than I could by medicine, and do it much more scientifically and better.”
– G.W. Raby, M.D.

“I started out, as do most beginners in the medical art, to conquer the demon dis-ease with drugs. I too, often failed, as they all do…the more I studied and experimented, the more I was convinced that the real cause of dis-ease was impinged nerves, and that the chiropractic adjustment was the most scientific way to release them…results are what count, and chiropractic care, when scientifically given, brings them…”
– William A. Seeley, M.D.

“Chiropractic is founded on the science of cause elimination and is the only method of specifically adjusting the cause of so-called disease that has ever been proved by fact. It is greater than either osteopathy or medicine and will eventually lead the field. Chiropractic stands firmly on its marvelous achievements of the past ten years and needs no greater tributes.”
– Edward S. Doutt, M.D.

“The contrast of osteopathy to chiropractic is as great as the contrast of an old-fashioned blunder-bus to a modern high powered rifle…this opinion is based on knowledge gained through my experience in drugless therapy, and is so firmly fixed in my mind that I no longer practice osteopathy at all.”
– Dr. S.C. Wyatt, former osteopath

“The sooner the medical profession recognizes the work of the chiropractor, the better. He is doing the work medicine cannot do; he belongs exclusively to the class of specialists…”
– M.E. King, M.D.

“If the question were put up to me now, and I had to decide between the two, in this way, ‘Will you give up the practice of medicine or will you give up chiropractic?’ with the statement that I could not be allowed to use the two, but must choose between, I would immediately say, without any reservation whatever, “Chiropractic for me!'”
– A.B. Hender, M.D.

“I believe chiropractic to be the most scientific method of removing the real cause of dis-ease, thereby allowing nature to resume normal action, which effects the recovery of the patient from bodily ailments.”
– U.A. Lyle, M.D.

“Under spinal adjustments, acute diseases are cut short and aborted, and chronic diseases recover which have been believed incurable.”
– A.A. Gregory, M.D.

“Chiropractors are obtaining results that I could not have obtained with medicine and surgery.”
– F.C. Rutherford, M.D.

“Chiropractic is not a ‘cure all’ and it should never be claimed as such, but it reaches successfully a larger number of so-called chronic diseases than any other known mechanical method, and is so much superior to the drug method that it is truly laughable to compare them.”
– Alfred Walton, M.D.

“I have used chiropractic in my practice and have secured results which as a medical man, I believe were impossible. The results I get are due to the fact that I use specific chiropractic care exclusively.”
– Lee W. Edwards, M.D.

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