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Innate Family Chiropractic Seminars

Have your read it?

Many of the concepts we present at our seminars are included in Dr. Eckert’s book

As a public service to our community, the doctors at Innate Chiropractic offer a variety of health seminars. We’ll come to a location of your choice (certain restrictions apply) or your group can attend one at our office in South Portland near the Maine Mall. Naturally, there is no obligation associated with these presentations. Our only goal is to share information.

Wellness Workshops are presented by Dr. Jim Eckert, Best-Selling co-author of the book, “The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed.” The length of our seminars are flexible and can be adapted to fit your needs.

The current seminar topics include:

The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed

This health secret goes right to the core of why many people can’t heal. It has sparked one of the largest shifts in decades on how we think about our health and what we are doing about it. Find out this secret and it will change your life.

Stress: Adapt or Perish

This workshop shares a simple, overlooked and powerful truth regarding what it takes to not just survive but actually thrive in our stress-filled lives. If this lesson is not learned, people will ultimately fall prey to the ravages of stress.

Creating Wellness

Most “wellness” programs only address one dimension of health, such as exercise or nutrition. This presentation incorporates a three-dimensional approach. This fascinating presentation resonates with audiences because it addresses the physical, bio-chemical and psychological facets of the mind-body connection.

The Overuse of Medicine

Now more than ever people are learning the detrimental effects of modern medicine and millions are voting with their feet. This presentation explores the dangers of common treatments in medicine and the safer, more effective alternatives.

Peak Performance

This workshop examines the “Four Essentials” to being healthy, but what it takes to perform at our very best. Neglect any one of these four essentials and it’s impossible to reach our fullest potential. Find out what many of the world’s top celebrities and athletes are doing to be their best.

We’re also available to conduct spine and nerve screenings. These free, no-obligation screenings feature our non-invasive, state-of-the-art, computerized technology. We can objectively determine whether a problem exists before the appearance of obvious symptoms. Contact our office to arrange a seminar.

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