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Creating Wellness at Innate Family Chiropractic

Our team of chiropractic and wellness experts will address your current health concerns in a caring attentive environment.

High Tech Assessment

Safe, objective and non-invasive assessment technology.

Think of it as a stethoscope for your nervous system.

We use the most advanced scanning and assessment technology to uncover the cause of your problem. Put yourself on the path toward creating wellness in your life. This no obligation check up is performed using state-of-the-art technology and can objectively determine whether chiropractic will benefit you. Check out this case history.

A Powerful Philosophy

Our Creating Wellness System gives you the tools you need to transform your life. It’s a total revolution in mind and body wellness, combining the latest scientific technology with the most advanced measurement and motivational program ever developed.

True wellness begins with a powerful, but often overlooked fact: we experience stress in three dimensions:

• Physical Stress: how you use your body
• Bio-Chemical Stress: what you put into your body
• Psychological Stress: the mind-body connection

In order to move toward total wellness, all three dimensions must be addressed at the same time.

Know Your Wellness Quotient

We use leading-edge technology and artificially intelligence software to measure your well-being in all three dimensions. Then, we customize a wellness program to meet your unique circumstances. Find out what your wellness quotient by calling us.

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